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Protection of personal data in India – AMU hosted Prof. Indranath Gupta from the Jindal Global Law School (10/01/2023)

“European standards on data protection do influence law making in India” – argued Prof. (Dr.) Indranath Gupta during his guest lecture on 10th January. While India is working on their major piece of legislation on the data protection, students and researchers from AMU Faculty of Law and Administration had a unique chance to become familiar with major provisions of the draft.  

In the lecture titled “European Standards on data protection from the global perspective: Recent Trends in India” Prof. Gupta presented basic concepts underlying draft Digital Personal Data Protection Bill in India. Observations of the scholar were accompanied by references to the General Data Protection Regulation in Europe. Various similarities between the acts were identified, such as those in terms of design of grounds of lawful processing of one’s personal data. However, upon closer look it became clear that Indian proposal goes often its own way – both in terms of terminology and architecture of particular legal mechanisms.  

For European students and scholars, it was inspiring to learn about particularities of the bill. For example, Indian draft is based on the assumption that relationship between Data Fiduciary (GDRP: data controller) and the Data Principal (GDPR: data subject) is as a relationship of trust, which is clearly notable in the terms purposely used in the Indian proposal. As for the categorization of data, the bill – at this stage of elaboration – does not differentiate between “normal” personal data and “sensitive” data, which poses questions as to the risks related to processing of health and biometric data. Also, in terms of the scope, Prof. Gupta noted that this bill addresses only digital personal data, i.e., data that is in digital form or that could be put into digital form. 

“Such lectures help us realize that in the globalized world we face similar challenges in terms of data protection”, points out prof. Katarzyna Klafkowska-Waśniowska, Jean Monnet Chair holder at the AMU Faculty of Law and Administration.  “Learning from Indian experience adds not only to the discussion on the existing legal mechanisms in India and Europe, but leads also to some fundamental questions – about the object of data legislation, categorization of data and relationships between entities involved in data processing”, explains prof. Klafkowska-Waśniowska.

The lecture of Prof. (Dr.) Indranath Gupta was part of the collaboration between the Jean Monnet Chair Multi-dimensional Approaches to the Understanding of the E.U. Data Protection Framework of Jindal Global Law School, and our Faculty’s Jean Monnet Chair Digital Single Market and the Free Flow of Information. The event was dedicated to the IIIrd year European Legal Studies students, as part of the winter “Focus on European Union” module. 

Update (2 January 2023)

European Standards on data protection from the global perspective: Recent Trends in India – A lecture by Prof. (Dr.) Indranath Gupta from the Jindal Global Law School.

As part of the collaboration between the Jean Monnet Chair Multi-dimensional Approaches to the Understanding of the E.U. Data Protection Framework, and our Faculty’s Jean Monnet Chair Digital Single Market and the Free Flow of Information Professor Dr. Indranath Gupta will give a lecture to the IIIrd year ELS students, as part of the winter Focus on European Union module.

Prof. (Dr.) Indranath Gupta is a Professor at the Jindal Global Law School, Dean of Research & Controller of Examinations at OPJGU. He is Co-Director of JIRICO and Senior Fellow at the Jindal Institute of Behavioural Sciences (JIBS). Prof. Gupta was earlier appointed as the research collaborator by the Università Bocconi, Milan, Italy, for a project funded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme. He has taught at the Brunel Law School of Brunel University during this Ph.D. and has been involved in a funded project on informational privacy. Prof. Gupta has participated in a multi-jurisdictional project on Digital Era Competition: A BRICS View.

Professor Indranath Gupta will explain if and how the standards set in the European Union, with the GDPR as the cornerstone of EU regulation may impact the legal framework adopted in other parts of the world, focusing on the recently adopted Data Protection Bill of 2022 in India.

We  will host the virtual lecture on 10th January at 15:00 in Gamma room at Collegium Iuridicum Novum

Update (1 October 2022)

According to the new AMU Rector’s Regulation, all classes, exams, and tests in the winter semester 2022/2023 will take place only stationary at the Faculty building.

​International students meeting (15/11/2022)

Grupa studentów

At the beginning of the academic year 2022/2023, Prof. dr hab. Tomasz Nieborak, Dean of the Faculty of Law and Administration, and Prof. UAM dr hab. Katarzyna Klafkowska-Waśniowska, Head of European Legal Studies, finally had the opportunity to welcome students of the European Legal Studies program and students participating in the international exchange at the Faculty premises. We welcome warmly new ELS first years students!

ELS online: discussing implications of Brexit (29/01/2021)

Last week ELS students completed the first block of lectures: Focus on the European Union. The objective of the module is to discuss the issues relevant to the development of the European Union, with the focus on common values.

In January Dr Steve Terrett from the British Law Centre during an extensive online meeting explained how the UK and EU relations evolved over time. The focal point was, of course, the withdrawal of the UK from the European Union which was explained with an emphasis on what “Brexit-deal” means, how it was negotiated and what the recently concluded Trade and Cooperation Agreement brings.

During the upcoming lectures in the spring, students will have an opportunity to meet dr. Anna-Maria Konsta, a lecturer from AMU partner in the EPICUR consortium – Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, School of Law in Greece.

Winter semester: 1st October 2023-4th February 2024

Winter holidays: 22nd December 2023 – 7th January 2024

Winter exam session: 5th February – 18th February 2024

Summer semester: 26th February – 23rd June 2024

Summer vacations: 28th March – 2nd April 2024

Summer exam session: 24th June – 7th July 2024

Summer vacations/teaching and learning (field classes, work placements): 8th July – 31st August 2024

Exam session: 1st – 15th September 2024

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